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  • Production area: MONTE ZOPPEGA
    The name Etas originates from material taken from the book: “3000 years ago in Verona”. The book was published as a catalogue to accompany an exhibition of the same name which was held at Verona’s Natural History Museum from 1 July to 31 December 1976. The exhibition included a speci c reference to the Monte Zoppega area. In fact, it spoke of: “Traces of inhabitation on its heights. Re- mains found there relate to primitive Veneto region culture towards the end of the Bronze Age.” Therefore Etas refers to a return to the land, to our origins and invites contemplation of the history that also “re-emerges” materially from our hills.

    Soil: Volcanic

    Cultivation technique: Old Veronese pergola

    Grape: Chardonnay 50% Garganega 40 % Trebbiano di Soave 10%

    Harvesting period: Varies according to the grape:
    Chardonnay- mid August;
    Trebbiano – rst ten days of September;
    Garganega- rst ten days of September;

  • The grapes are pressed whole and the rst-pressing must is drained. Fermentation of the sparkling wine base at 12-13 C°. When alcoholic fermentation is nished, the wine is poured off.


  • A yellow, straw-coloured wine with greenish hues. The nose expe- riences a variety of aromas that ranges from a oral beginning to then develop into fruit. The perlage is elegant and well-combined. The mineral wealth gives the impression of fullness while still pre- serving a fresh and persistent pro le that makes for easy drinking.

12% vol
5.0 g/l
Serving temperature: