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“Our family’s roots have been in Monteforte d’Alpone for hundreds of years”


The first documented traces of the Nardello family’s existence date back to the mid 1500s.

Notary deeds dated 6th May 1608 put a definite date on the purchase of the house in Via 4 Novembre, the company’s current head quarters. The property was sold by the Veronese Boniotti to Leonado and Zuane (Giovanni) Nardello.

From cadastral surveys of later years, we have managed to discover that our ancestors owned plots of land in the districts of Rubian Zoppega and Novella , land that was arable, meadow and “planted with vines”.

Farming, and our subsequent viticulture specialisation, has always been the family business.

“This is why we were able to inherit such a valuable vine-growing patrimony. In some plots, the average age of the vines is 50 years.”

Dal catasto austriaco 1847

From the Austrian land register 1847


Sede storica aziendale di via 4 novembre (dopo l’intervento di ristrutturazione del 2009)

The company’s old house in via 4 Novembre, after renovation work in 2009