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The vineyards, although close to each other, are located in two different areas. Both are within the Soave Classico production area on Mount Zoppega at Monteforte and Mount Tondo at Soave, two cultivation areas in the south of the Soave Classico zone.

Being of different composition, these two areas give the wine different elements during tasting.

The soil on Mount Zoppega is deeper, dark in colour and rich in clay and basalt rocks. This gives the wine a full-bodied richness and great depth in terms of mineral content. The soil on Mount Tondo, with its sandy-lime components, produces wines with a brilliant acid freshness that are gentler in the mouth and nose.



For the main part, the Soave zone traditionally adopts the VERONESE PERGOLA vine-growing system even if, over the years, the vineyards have been knowingly managed and their vigorous growth reduced in order to achieve important objectives in terms of quality.

Exposing the grape bunches to the sun, thus avoiding stagnant dampness, is the guiding element for gradually modifying old bowers.

In this way we have obtained a new-generation pergola, one which more greatly respects the plant’s productive balance, the final integrity of the bunches and the plants themselves. In this way, the use of fruit protection products can be avoided and, at the same time, excessive pruning of the greenery is not necessary to reduce the active photosynthetic surfaces.

At this point, the plant acquires balance in terms of vegetation which is of great advantage to its productive harmony.



The company’s new vines are trained using the GUYOT system. In this case too, respecting the plant’s vegetative balance is the main objective.