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Vigna Turbian




Vigna Turbian

  • Production area: Mount Zoppega in the middle of the mount

    Soil: Volcanogenic

    Growing technique: Pergola veronese

    Grape: Garganega 70%, Trebbiano di Soave 30%

    Yield per hectare: 100 q.li

    Harvest time: End of September for Trebbiano Grape and the middle of October for Garganega grape.

  • The grapes are separated for the vinifications, the Trebbiano grape is worked without oxygen for keeping the aromatic complements, about this type of grape. Traditional vinification for Garganega with ripe grape, from Mount Zoppega hill, after fermentation the wine is transferred only once and left on its own noble lees until March, the wine masses are assembled. Bottling in the followig spring.

  • The wine colour is yellow hue, powerful, is enlivened by light green shades. The sensation of the noise is complex, there are different sensation of white flowers, sage leaves and balsamic sensation, on final the sensation noise is like candied fruit. On the mouth is possible to note the particular of Trebbiano grape, with softly of late harvest Garganega. There is on final a well-balance between the acidity components, and extractives.

Dry extracts:
Estratto 22 g/lt
13% vol
5.0 g/l
Serving temperature: